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  1. How to signup and login to Digital Subidha ?

    To sign up: Visit d-subidha.com and click on singn up -> signup page will appear -> fill form with valid details -> click on sign up.
    To Login: Visit d-subidha.com Enter your email and password -> click on login.
    Your user name and detail will appear in left top corner of the browser.
  2. Forget password ?

    If any user forget their account password or unable to login by their old password, user may contact directly to our support team via mail or telephone. visit contact detail in Contact Us page.
  3. How to repair my Gadgets ?

    To repair your gadget sign in first. Click on repair icon at home page or Repairing from department menu at top of the browser. Then you will redirect to Order your repair page. There you have to fill the form and with correct details and click on Place Order button. Or, you can directly contact to our repairing center by phone call.
  4. How to sell my used goods ?

    If you want to sell any used goods to Digital Subidha directly contact or mail to used goods sales department.
  5. How to buy goods ?

    You can buy goods from shooping page and second-hand market page by contacting respective department.
  6. How to donate my used or unused goods ?

    If any user or non user want to donate their used or unused goods to needed people you can donate through Digital Subidha.
  7. How, when and to whom users should pay cash ?

    After you get authorized invoice from authorized person of Digital Subidha customer are liable to pay cash instantly.
  8. When delevery charge is charged ?

    If any delevery charge is charged then it will be include in invoice.
  9. What is the normal repairing time ?

    Normall reparing time is 1 business day. In some case it depends upon the nature of goods and the nature of problems.
  10. What is the normal delevery period ?

    Normall delevery period is 1 business day. In some case it depends upon the nature of goods and the nature of problems.
  11. How to complain about damage goods ?

    If any costumer get damaged goods, costumer should immediatly contact to our respective department within 1 business day. Goods will not be return if any damaged is occurs due to costumer's fault.
  12. How to get rewards ?

    Reward means gift, goods, cash and things given by D-Subidha to Customer in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. D-Subidha may grant rewards to its customers under given condition only.

    • According to frequency of work order.
    • Customer loyalty and Customer behavior.
    • Frequency of shopping order.
    • Based on social-welfare and Donations.
    • Best feedback.
    • "Best thought or Best idea" reward.
    • Other activities which will determined by D-Subidha(Surprise gift).
  13. How to contact Digital Subidha ?

    You can find our contact detail in Contact Us page. Please vist there for more information.
  14. If your are unable to contact Digital Subidha

    If you are unable to contact us during delevery period of goods then directly contact to Digital Subidha office.
  15. If we are unable to contact you

    If Digital Subidha is unable to contact costumer while delevering goods under abnormal circumstances we will return back ordered goods and Digital Subidha will hold these goods for you till next business day.